Foursquare INQ

Providing the social location layer to INQ Android phones

When INQ launched the Cloud Touch phone, they wanted to make the phone fundamentally more social.
They built Facebook into the OS for social sharing, and, today, we were excited to announce at TechCrunch Disrupt that INQ chose foursquare to power their phones’ location services, with deep OS-level integration of foursquare sharing and recommendations.

The launch of the service is still a few months out, but the early builds are pretty awesome. Foursquare is a built-in part of the Android OS, with all the features you know and love (Check-ins! Recommendations!
Places nearby! Tips! To-dos!). Coolest thing of all: INQ was able to do this using our open API, joining the thousands of other developers who have made foursquare location a core part of their products. Because it’s built directly into the Android system, you can check in and explore without even firing up the application. Source:


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