Facebook Photo Trends

The number of online photos has steadily increased over the last decade, but a revolution has occurred with photo sharing in the last year. Pixable Photofeed alone sorted through 10 billion photos in the first month after the launch of the app. This is only a glimpse into the massive volume of photos circulating in social networks.

For the inaugural analysis, pixable scoured data based on a sample of 100,000 Pixable Photofeed users. This infographic is the result – with some input from Facebook as well as Harvard professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski.

People tend to share photos usually on weekends because  they are increasingly sharing directly from their smart phones, rather than waiting until they are in front of their computers.

Pixable which provides all these cool stats has a great iPad app for users to upload images or albums to Facebook. Here is a review from Co-founder of pixable Andres Blank taken for Mashable


When 750 million photos were posted to Facebook on New Year’s Eve weekend this year, that was a telltale sign the trend was on the rise. At the rate of 6 billion photos uploaded each month, there will be about 100 billion photos on Facebook by summer 2011.

Men vs. Women

In essence, women come out on top in all areas:

  • Women upload two times more photos than men (347 vs 179).
  • Women are also tagged in twice as many photos (73 vs 35).
  • Pretty much everyone prefers photos with females.
Here are some stats about photo sharing behaviours on Facebook

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