My Farm – A real Farmville story

What is MyFarm? 

MyFarm is a big online experiment in farming and food production, giving 10,000 members of the public a say in the running of a real working farm. The farm is on Wimpole Estate, near Royston in Cambridgeshire.

The MyFarm Farmers will join forces on this website to discuss and make decisions on every aspect of the farm: the crops we grow, the breeds of animal we stock, the new facilities we invest in and the machinery we use.

The aim of the farm is to be profitable, and to maintain the highest standards of sustainability and welfare.

How it will work

The core of the project will be the monthly votes. Executives open a poll to MyFarm community and farmers get to vote for their choice.

Here’s a detailed video from MyFarm;

This is map of the MyFarm which is 2500 acre estate.

This is video from a croping period;

You may wanna give a visit to MyFarm to get detailed info of this brilliant idea from virtual social life to real life


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