An Interesting Groupon Story

Live off Groupon

It began with a challenge from Groupon’s founder, Andrew Mason – could you live off Groupons for an entire year?

The premise is simple: No cash. The Groupawn (customer chosen to Live Off Groupon) has nothing but a year’s supply of Groupons good for the best things to eat, do, see and buy across the country. From skydiving and upscale cuisine to body waxing and foreign language classes, Groupon deals will shape the Groupawn’s daily life. He will need to rely on the kindness of strangers for social niceties (like tax and tip) and basic human needs (like somewhere to sleep and a ride to any of Groupon’s 60 cities.)

The entry page warned, “Who shouldn’t apply!? Probably everyone shouldn’t apply.

Zero expenses for a year. You’ll get to travel across the country trying all the cool stuff we feature on Groupon. And you might get $100,000…in money.”

This might be an interesting adventure to enter depending on how much you can sacrifice from your current life. As the story continues in Groupon’s blog thousands of people applied for this Groupon filled adventure for a years time. Josh Stevens was the “lucky” guy choosen by Groupon but he had to leave his wallet and sublet his apartment and put his belongings in storage before he sets of for the adventure.


Only five people allowed to visit Josh once during one year
No overnight visits from friends/family
No care packages unless approved by Groupon
No performing jobs for goods or money
Bartering Groupons for goods or services is allowed
Must be an exemplary Groupon customer at all times / polite, excellent tipper

Josh began his journey on May 10, 2010 – until May 10, 2011

Let the show begin and you may get to watch one of his Groupon’s;

A Day in the Life of Groupawn Josh Stevens

This is the end of the breath taking adventure of Josh coming to Chicago. The city mayor declared May 10th as “Groupon Day”

In a press gathering, Josh took the time to answer some questions about his year-long adventure in front of a sea tee-shirts emblazoned with The Groupawn’s image. Although he said he didn’t have any plans just yet after his great journey, he noted that he’d been living that way this past year and wasn’t too thrown by the idea of uncertainty.


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