Best business apps for iPad

The Stunning iPad has been proven as blessing for business people and launching of iPad 2 may increase its customer base dramatically day by day. Some iPad applications are helping business people in various aspects, and that is why iPad is becoming hot cake nowadays.

If you remember recently we had published list of Best Business iPad Apps for Sales people and today here at we have prepared another list of 10 best business iPad apps which will help iPad users to choose most suitable to their requirement.

1). Autodesk SketchBook Pro – Autodesk SketchBook® Pro is paint and drawing application. Autodesk SketchBook Pro is offering the bundle of sketching & painting tools, its intuitive user interface is designed exclusively for the great experience on iPad.

Autodesk SketchBook Pro is recommended for designers & illustrators.
Customer Rating: 4.5/5

2). Square – For easy payment – Square, iPad application accepts payments hastily and safely. To take off your headache Square also creates email/SMS receipts for payments, maintain record of sold items, perform sales tax calculations, and manage your money. You can consider Square as your virtual finance manager.

Square works best for Mobile businesses and retail establishments.
Customer Rating: 3.5/5

3). Evernote – This amazing applications reduce burden of your brain as it helps you remember the things happening in your life. You can put ideas, snapshots, and recordings into Evernote.

Evernote is must have apps for project manager and for the people who are multi tasking.
Customer Rating: 3.5/5

4). Numbers – This cutting-edge spreadsheet app is designed for mobile computing. Numbers is Mac application which has been completely revamped for iPad. To create effective spreadsheets in minutes all you need to do is simply tap the bright Multi-Touch display. Numbers offers 250 functions, keyboard, tables and great looking charts to make your data more worth.

Please keep in mind that this apps is not offering Excel exporting yet.

Numbers is recommended for people who want numerati on the move.
Customer Rating: 3/5

5). Keynote – Keynote is presentation application. Again this is Mac application which has been completely revamped for iPad. It will help you create outstanding presentation. Keynote offers animated charts and transitions at your fingertips.

Keynote is very useful for the people who need to create presentation frequently.
Customer Rating: 3.5/5

6). OmniGraphSketcher: With OmniGraphSketcher you can create detailed & great looking charts in seconds simply with tap.

This apps is useful for the people who need Graphical presentation.
Customer Rating: 3.5/5

7). iBooks – iBooks, the book reading app of iPad include the iBookstore from where you can get your favorite book anytime. Browse library, pick book you wish to read/download, tap to open, turn over pages and add your favorite passages to bookmark.

iBook is useful for all iPad users.
Customer Rating: 4/5

8). Webex for iPad – With WebEx you can attend meeting while you are on the move or watching your favorite TV show. WebEx offers great of meeting experience with data and audio together.

Webex is for the people who are having frequent meeting with staff or client.
Customer Rating: 3.5/5

9). Outlook Web Access 2003 – You can integrate your Outlook in your iPad with Outlook Web Access 2003 for iPad.

Outlook Web Access 2003 for iPad is useful for all iPad owners those are using Microsoft Outlook 2003.
Customer Rating: No Rating Yet

10). Citrix Receiver for iPad – Citrix Receiver act as a office on the move. iPad users can securely access their corporate Windows applications and desktops with one touch. With Citrix Receiver for iPad you can work from anywhere.


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