Issues in using mobile

“Mobile advertising – whether through mobile bar codes, on the mobile Internet or via applications – is now no longer a trial medium for marketers,” said Laura Marriott, chief executive officer at NeoMedia Technologies, Atlanta, GA. “Mobile has the ability to breathe new life into traditional and digital campaigns, enabling engagement with the consumer on impulse.”

Because mobile is such a personal communications channel, there are specific issues unique to mobile marketers must address while still keeping their eye on the overall marketing strategy

While there is a lot of talk about location-based targeting via, marketers should be careful to match consumer need and behavior with their campaign strategy, considering all possible ways to tailor communications to provide value.

“Access to relevant content, discount coupons, or exclusive information can help grab consumer attention and encourage interaction,” Ms. Marriott said.

“This tried-and-true marketing strategy is a great way to increase a user base and will promote user participation in the campaign, so be sure that any communication is tailored to the target consumer using the data available to you and offers value in a form suitable for both brand and campaign,” she said.

Right now, marketers are looking for ways to engage in cross-channel targeting across every mobile channel they are in. This is not easy because mobile is not a cookie-based environment and there is no standardization across mobile ad units.

A big focus for mobile marketers is on using mobile to send consumers a targeted mobile offer when their phone shows they are in close proximity to an advertiser.

“marketers should align their mobile efforts with the customer journey and not have a separate strategy for mobile”

“If you treat mobile in a siloed way, you are not able to find those insights that enable us to create greater relevancy with apps and mobile ads,” Digitas’ Mr. Leary said.


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