Android Marches Towards 50% Marketshare

Android today makes up almost 50% market share across 35 countries across the Globe.According to Canalys Research study, which was conducted to across 56 countries.
Android is the number one for 35 of those countries, and not by a small margin. Android’s total is 48 percent of market share, with Apple, the second place competitor, holding only 19 percent. Nokia and Samsung placed third and fourth respectively.

Another report by Gartner claimed that Android grew phenomenally tand continue to lead the smartphone operating software with a market share of 43.4% worldwide in Q2, 2011, an increase of 26% in the last one year.Symbian marketshare shrank from 18% to 22%. In terms of total mobile phone sales, Nokia continued to be the leader with a market share of 22.8%.Apple’s iOS more than doubled to 19.629 million units, and Research In Motion saw an 8.8 percent increase to 12.652 million.

Of the 107 million smartphones that were sold worldwide in Q2, this year, a bit over 43% were Android with 46.7 million units having the Android OS.This is an improvement over 17.2% in the same quarter just a year ago. Mobile sales increased from 367.99 million units to 428.66 million units.Last year, it was Symbian that dominated the Smartphone space with 25.4 million unit sales and 40.9 percent share. But in just 12 months, that platform’s market share has dropped to 22.1 percent on 23.9 million unit sales during the last quarter, Gartner found. Apple’s iOS platform came in third with 18.2 percent market share on 19.6 million units sold.


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