Love of Outdoor Specials

Coca-Cola Summer Love Israel

Stunning work by Publicis- E-dologic for Coca-Cola Israel. In order to promote Cokes Summer Love concerts, they combined’s face recognition technology with Facebook. Party goers once registered, could post comments and pictures to their Facebook wall using only their faces as identification.

In order to sign up to the party in the first place the attendees used facebook and then opted into the Coca-Cola facebook activation, saving the need for onsite set up. Coke’s facebook machines were set up all around the event and over 10,000 people used the activation.

McDonald’s: Dollar Drink Day

McDonald’s Canada recently created an ice sculpture containing 4,000 CDN dollar coins in Alberta to celebrate Dollar Drink Days. As the ice melted and people hacked away at the ice, people received the money for their dollar drinks at McDonalds. Nice work from Cossette, Vancouver.


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