Mobile Commerce Stats

1.2 billion apps were downloaded during the holiday week between December 25-31 (Source: Flurry, 2011)
On Cyber Monday, 10.8% of people used a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site, up from 3.9% in 2010. Additionally, mobile sales grew dramatically, reaching 6.6% on Cyber Monday versus 2.3% in 2010 (Source: IBM’s fourth annual Cyber Monday Benchmark, 2011)
Sixty-five percent of mobile users said they used their mobile device to find a business to make an in-store purchase (Source: Google, 2011)
Forty-three percent of mobile shoppers have downloaded a retail app (Source: Retrevo, 2011)
Approximately 52 percent of smartphone users will use their device to research products, redeem coupons and use apps to assist in their holiday gift purchase (Source: Acquity Group, 2011)
Sixty-seven percent of consumers plan to make a purchase via mobile this holiday season (Source: PayPal, 2011)
As of 7pm ET on Black Friday, the number of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site was holding firm at 17.04% (Source: IBM Smarter Commerce, 2011)
As of 7pm ET on Black Friday,the number of consumers using their mobile device to make a purchase was holding steady at 9.51% (Source: IBM Smarter Commerce, 2011)
For Black Friday sales, iPhone continued to lead all mobile device traffic at 6.58 %, followed by Android at 5.20% and iPad at 4.71% (Source: IBM Smarter Commerce, 2011)
In terms of the types of information mobile users will be looking for via their devices this holiday season, 31 percent said they will look for updates on sales and promotions, 27 percent will look for local store hours and directions, 26 percent will seek out product information and availability, 26 percent will be interested in product photos, 18 percent will search for official retailer apps and 17 percent will use mobile for customer support. (InMobi Holiday Mobile Shopping Study)
29 percent of users will look to mobile devices to learn about new products or services, 27 percent will use their handset when making a purchasing decision and 15 percent of shoppers will use their mobile device to make a purchase while in a store this holiday season. (InMobi Holiday Mobile Shopping Study)
Not only will consumers use mobile to research products but, over 21 million, or 36 percent, plan to make purchases directly from their mobile devices. (InMobi Holiday Mobile Shopping Study)
Approximately 45 percent of mobile users plan to compare prices via their handsets during their Thanksgiving weekend shopping, up from 22 percent in 2010 (InMobi Holiday Mobile Shopping Study)
The percentage of shoppers buying from their mobile phones is expected to rise to 15% in November, compared to 4.5% in last year’s holiday season, and less than 1% in 2009. In October, 9.6% of online shoppers made purchases through their mobile devices, up from 3.4% a year earlier. (IBM Coremetrics Forecast, 2011)
67% of consumers will use their smartphones to find store locations, 59% to compare prices, 51% to obtain product information, 46% to check product availability, 45% to read reviews, 45% to shop online, 41% to find and use coupons, 40% to scan bar codes, and 35% to access social media (Source: Deloitte’s 2011 Annual Holiday Survey)
27% of smartphone owners will use their devices for holiday shopping this year (Source: Deloitte’s 2011 Annual Holiday Survey)
More than 60 percent of mobile buyers will make mobile purchases while at home (Source: Ipsos and PayPal Survey, 2011)
At least 46 percent of consumers plan to make mobile purchases this holiday season (Source: Ipsos and PayPal Survey, 2011)
53% of the “on-the-go” U.S. audience is willing to exchange their location in exchange for more relevant content and better information, including mobile deals (Source: JiWire, 2011)
More than 33.3 million U.S. consumers already engage in shopping-related activities on their mobile phones, 7%, or 2.3 million, of those consumers have made a purchase on their devices, the report finds (Source: research firm Experian Simmons, 2011 Mobile Consumer Report)
24% of U.S. adult online iPhone users and 21% of Android users have used a shopping application in the past three months (Source: Forrester, 2011)
Nearly half of consumers (47%) have accessed customer reviews in store using their mobile device with men (55%) more likely to access these reviews in store than women (39%) (Source:, comScore and Social Shopping Labs, 2011)
41% of smartphone owners have made a purchase from their mobile phone. Of those, 16% bought apparel; 15% food and beverages; 11% toys and games; 11% electronics; 8% home goods; 4% sporting goods; 4% books; 3% jewelry; and 8% other products (Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey, 2011)
46 percent of consumers have used their phone to get product information while in a store (Source: Briabe Media, 2011)
56 percent of people believe mobile can make the shopping experience more enjoyable (Source: Lightspeed Research, 2011)
58% of mobile shoppers are age 18-34 and 34% of mobile shoppers make $100,000 or more a year (Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2011)
13.1 million consumers access retail content via mobile phones with 8.2 million of those visiting mobile commerce websites (Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2011)
67 percent of retailers see value of having customers use their smartphones within the store and 41 percent said they perceive a lot of value in mobile in-store (Source: RSR Research, 2011)
31 percent of consumers research a product on their mobile device before buying it in-store, while 40 percent of consumers research a product from their smartphone before purchasing it online (Source: JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report Q1 2011)
Retailers plan to spend $220.9 million this year on mobile ( and Forrester Research report, 2011)
It is predicted that U.S. mobile shopping sales volume will reach $9 billion in 2011 (Source: InMobi study, 2011)
74 million consumers in the United States already shop from their mobile devices (Source: InMobi study, 2011)
78 percent of retailers plan to invest in mobile this year (Source: The E-tailing Group Inc, 2011)
59% of consumers use their phone to perform mobile shopping activities from home while 28% use their phone in the retail store to perform mobile shopping activities (Source: 2011 Experian Study)
47% of consumers who have made a mobile transaction in the past year expect the experience on their mobile devices to be better than the experience in-store, 80% expect the experience to be better than or equal to in-store and 85% expect the experience to be better than or equal to online using a laptop or desktop computer (Source: Harris Interactive & Tealeaf Survey, 2011)
Within the 49% of mobile users who have made a mobile purchase in the last six months, 84% look for local retailer information, 82% find online retailers, 73% find a specific manufacturer or product website, 71% learn about a product or service after seeing an ad, 68% find the best price for a product or service, and 63% search before purchasing in a store or from a catalog (Source: Performics 2011 Mobile Search Insights Study, conducted by ROI Research)
75% of heavy mobile users said mobile search makes their lives easier, 63% said access to mobile search has changed the way they gather information, and 32% said they use mobile search more than search engines on their computers (Source: Performics 2011 Mobile Search Insights Study, conducted by ROI Research)
Over 70% of iPhone owners report using applications or their smartphone’s web browser to help them while shopping in-store, and 41% are making purchases directly from their phones (Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies, 2011)
48% of consumers conceded they use their mobile devices to look up product ratings or to find promotions (Source: Oracle, 2011)
49% of consumers who use the mobile web at least once a week made a purchase on their mobile device in the past six months (Source: ROI Research Inc., 2011)
In 3 years, it is predicted that 24% of retailers will have annual sales of 15% or greater coming from their mobile channel (Source: RSR Research, 2011)
51% of consumers say they have made a mobile payment within the past 3 months and 82% see themselves making one within the next year (Source: Mobio Identity Systems Inc. Report, 2011)
78-84% of consumers now rely on their social networks when researching new products (Source: IBM Report, 2011)
62% of smartphone users said they have purchased physical goods from their mobile devices in the last six months (Source: Adobe Survey, 2011)
Among smartphone owners, 48 percent prefer to visit a retailer’s mobile website and 38 percent prefer a mobile application (Source: InsightExpress, 2010)
By 2015, it is predicted that mobile shopping will account for $163 billion in sales worldwide, 12% of global ecommerce turnover (Source: ABI Research, 2010)
Mobile alerts drive 1 out of 3 recipients in-store and 27% of those make a purchase (Source: Harris Interactive survey commissioned by Placecast, 2010)
The mobile retail market is predicted to exceed $12 billion by 2014 (Source: Juniper Research, 2010)
73% of companies are planning an investment in mobile channels in 2011, with almost half planning to move into mobile commerce (Source: Econsultancy’s Customer Engagement Report)
69% of retail executives said mobile is an important strategic initiative (Source: NRF 2010)
Mobile commerce showed 86% year-over-year growth from 2010 to 2011 (Source: Appcelerator and IDC as reported by Mobile Commerce Daily)
Mobile barcode scanning increased 1,600% in 2010 (Source: Scanbuy as reported by Mobile Commerce Daily)
Consumers are 51% more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites (via Mobile Shopper session at NRF 2011)
79% of smartphone users found it useful to download mobile coupons to their phones (Source: Accenture, reported by Internet Retailer, 2010)
73% of consumers find it useful to receive an instant coupon as they pass by an item in a store (Source: Accenture, reported by Internet Retailer, 2010)
56% of shoppers with smartphones believe using their phone during the shopping experience will make it more enjoyable (Source: Accenture, reported by Internet Retailer, 2010)
US mobile commerce sales predicted to reach $3.4 billion this year (Source: ABI Research, 2010)
73% of shoppers with smartphones prefer to reference their mobile device while in-store rather than ask a sales associate for help (Source: Accenture, reported by Internet Retailer, 2010)
37 percent of smartphone owners purchased items from their mobile devices in 2009 (Internet Retailer, 2010)
Nearly 50% of smartphone owners use (or plan to use) their phones for mobile shopping (ABI Research, 2010)
27% of American adults who have a smartphone are expected to use mobile devices for holiday shopping this year (NRF 2010 Report)
4% of Cyber Monday was done off of a smartphone (Coremetrics, 2010)
36% of holiday shoppers are using their mobile device for shopping-related activities this holiday season (Price Grabber Survey, 2010)
Mobile commerce activity has increased 13%, up from 10% in 2009. 13% of consumers purchase products, 22% of consumers check prices and 21% research products from their smartphones. 22% of consumers expect to purchase items from their mobile phones in the next 12 months. (Experian’s 2010 Holiday Marketer Report)
Mobile transactions will quadruple this year to $16 billion in the U.S. Market (Aite Group, 2010)
Nine in ten young adults aged 18 to 29 own a cell phone, and 20% of these make purchases from their mobile phones (Mobile Access 2010 Report, Pew Internet & American Life Project)
By 2015 consumers will spend about $119 billion on goods and services bought via their mobile phones. U.S. mobile shopping rose from $396 million in 2008 to $1.2 billion in 2009. Forcasted to reach $2.2 billion in 2010. (Mark Beccue, senior analyst at ABI Research, reported by Internet Retailer, 2010)
39.1% of companies named attracting more visitors and shoppers and generating more sales as their primary mobile commerce goals, followed by 13.5% that wanted to increase sales conversions, 12.8% who wanted to improve marketing and merchandising, 12.2% wanting to increase multichannel sales, and 10.1% aiming to amp up customer service relations (Internet Retailer, 2010)
71% of Generation Y respondents (approximately 16-31 years old) said they use mobile coupons to get e-commerce discounts (Cognizant Technology Solutions and RIS News, 2010)
Approximately a third of consumers prefer an app to the mobile browser for their mobile retail experience. 37% of consumers prefer purchasing a product from an app than from the mobile web, 35% prefer viewing visual information from an app, 38% prefer checking order status from an app, and 39% prefer sharing product information with friends from a downloadable app (Adobe Systems Survey conducted by Keynote Systems, 2010)
62 percent of consumers use their smartphones to search for a store location or directions, 40 percent search for price and product information, 38 percent check the status of an order, and, while in store, 32 percent browse product reviews (2010 IDC Survey)
47 percent of mobile phone users say they are more likely to buy clothing and shoes from a mobile commerce site if the retailer has one enabled, but only 1.61 percent of clothing and shoe retailers have implemented a mobile strategy (Brand Anywhere and Luth Research, 2010)
In the online apparel, accessory and footwear market, 1.9 percent of traffic and 1.8 percent of revenue came from the mobile channel (Forrester Research and, 2010)
U.S. online sales of apparel, accessories and footwear was $27 billion in 2009 and was predicted to grow 17% in 2010 meaning that sales would reach $31 billion this year. The apparel category is expected to grow larger than all other online retail sales over the next several years (Forrester Research, 2010)
43% of iPhone users want to make mobile transactions from their phones (Yankee Research Group, 2010)
Mobile commerce sales will reach $23.8 billion in 2015 (Coda Research Consultancy, 2010)

Mobile Industry Stats

53% of American consumers use their smartphones to access search engines at least once a day (Source: Google and Mobile Marketing Association Survey)
Globally, 80% of consumers have used computers to access the Web within the previous seven days. Sixty percent used their mobile devices to do so (Source: Google and the Mobile Marketing Association Survey)
By the end of 2011, Android is predicted to have nearly 40% of the total global market share, with Symbian at just over 20%, the iOS platform with 16% and RIM 14.9% (Source: IDC 2011 report)
US mobile subscriptions officially crossed the 100% penetration mark in Q4 2010 (Source: Chetan Sharma Consulting)
The smartphone market is now larger than the PC market. Smartphones outsold PCs in Q4 of 2010 101 million to 92 million (Source: IDC)
Smartphones and tablet computers will increase mobile Web traffic by 26 times during the next four years (Source: Cisco Systems, 2011)
86% of mobile internet users use their mobile device while watching TV with 37% of those browsing the internet for non-related TV material (Source: Yahoo, 2011)
The number of Smartphone users worldwide is predicted to exceed 1 billion by 2014 (Parks Associates, 2010)
25% of US mobile web users only access the web from their mobile phones (Source: On Device Research, 2010 as reported by MobiThinking)
It is predicted there will be 80 million new smartphone users in 2011 added to the already existing 60 million consumers who already own one (Nielsen, 2010)
It is expected that half of the US population will use a Smartphone by the end of 2011 (, 2010)
More than 65 million smartphones are to ship in 2010 in North America (Canalys, 2010)
Mobile is predicted to be bigger than internet in 5 years (Morgan Stanley, 2010)
74 percent of online retailers have already, or are currently, developing a mobile strategy (Forrester Research study produced in conjunction with, 2010)
The number of available mobile retail applications has increased 350% from 2009 to 2010 (Acquity Group)
7% of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 e-retailers have downloadable mobile apps available to consumers (Internet Retailer, 2010)
44% of retailers plan to enable a mobile app in 2010 (Forbes Insights)
Apparel, accessory and footwear retailers plan to spend an average of $65,000 on mobile this year (Internet Retailer, 2010)
BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices will account for over 80% of smartphones shipped in the region this year (Canalys, 2010)

UK Stats

24% of U.K. consumers have used a smartphone to access web sites while shopping, of which 50% accessed retail websites and 48% social media sites (Source: eDigitalResearch and IMRG Survey, 2011)
40% of U.K. consumers using a smartphone while shopping ultimately made a purchase in-store, online or via mobile (Source: eDigital Research and IMRG Survey, 2011)
55% of U.K. consumers have seen a QR code while shopping and 33% of shoppers who have seen a QR code have scanned one (Source: eDigital Research and IMRG Survey, 2011)
It is predicted that there will be 20.76 million m-commerce users in the UK in 4Q11 (Source: Mobile Consumer Trends, 2011)
69% of the “on-the-go” U.S. audience is willing to exchange their location in exchange for more relevant content and better information, including mobile deals (Source: JiWire, 2011)
Consumer engagement with mobile commerce has exploded, with as many as 91% of UK consumers having used their mobile device for commerce, to either research or purchase a product. The equivalent figure for Brazil is 79%, while the level did not dip below 72% in any of the markets surveyed (Source: Global Consumer Survey from MEF, 2011)
13% of UK consumers have made a purchase on their mobiles, and 19% have used them to compare prices and look at product reviews while out shopping (Source: Toluna / Econsultancy)
48 percent of UK smartphone owners use their mobiles to browse and research products before a purchase, with another 16 percent intending to do so in the future (Source: eDigitalResearch, 2011)
50% of UK smartphone owners report shopping from their mobile device, with 11% doing so on a weekly basis (Source: Portaltech and eDigitalResearch, 2011)
It is predicted that 10% of UK shoppers will be doing their 2010 holiday shopping via mobile this year (Tesco Direct)
UK Mobile Internet sales could double in the next three years. By 2013, mobile internet sales could reach as much as £275m, 4% of online retail spending, up from £123m currently (Verdict & Ovum, 2010)
42% of UK shoppers have used their mobile phones while shopping offline (Rich Relevance, 2010)
51% of UK mobile phone owners (23 million people) are now using their devices for mobile commerce (IAB, 2010)
18% of UK mobile phones are smartphones (GfK Group, 2010)
European shoppers who used mobile in some part of the research and purchase process spent 15-30% more than those who used just one channel (IDC, 2010)
UK Smartphone users are 63% more likely to engage with m-commerce (IAB, 2010)
More than 40% of UK merchants expect plan to have a transactional mobile site or application within the next year (IAB, 2010)
4.2 million UK consumers per month are using the mobile internet to visit retailers’ websites (GSMA and comScore, 2010)
There has been high recent ecommerce growth in the UK. Online spending by UK consumers reached £5 billion in July 2010, 14% rise on June 2010 and 18% increase on July 2009 (IMRG and Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, 2010)
In France, 57% of businesses polled by Le Journal du Net in late 2010 said mobile services would be their most promising sector in 2011 (as reported by eMarketer, 2010)


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